Manning’s Office Solutions | In-House Shredding vs. Professional Shredding

A secured, locked container will be placed in your office. It holds over 100 lbs. of documents.

In-House Shredding Costs More Than You Think!

It is estimated that businesses spend $171.12 to shred 100 lbs. of paper. This cost may seem high, but when you consider it takes over 7.5 hours for employees to shred 100 lbs. (9,090 pages), based on a high-capacity shredder handling 20 pages a minute, you can see how quickly labor costs add up.

Shredding is not just the amount of time in front of the shredding machine, it also involves:
  • Sorting documents
  • Picking up and straightening the paper
  • Cleaning up paper residue
  • Disposing of the shredded paper
  • Sharpening, oiling or replacing the shredding machine’s blades

In addition, equipment and energy usage need to be factored when calculating the real costs of shredding in-house.

Benefits of Our Professional Shredding:
  • Significantly less expensive than in-house shredding
  • 100% NAID Certified (National Association of Information Destruction)
  • Receive a Certificate of Destruction that proves you have handled sensitive documents properly
  • Reduces your liability exposure and fine risks
  • Allows employees to do their jobs instead of feeding the shredder
  • No need to replace broken shredders
  • You won’t have to buy bags and dispose of shredded paper
  • Reduces security risks because your employees are more likely to place documents into a secure container, rather than leave them on desks waiting to be shredded
  • Nationwide service
  • We also can help you dispose of electronic waste, which must meet the same compliance laws as printed documents

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